Luxury horse farms in Kentucky

Find Your Luxury Horse Farm in Kentucky. Find it for You And Your Horse in Louisville and Lexington KY. With amazing riding fields and state of the art stables with your own customized indoor and out door arena, there is nothing like owning an equestrian property that is truly a one-of-a-kind experience.

Whether you ride is dressage,  or western in style, the K2 Group of professional real estate agents is unmatched in connecting the discerning buyers and sellers with exceptional equestrian properties in the Louisville and Lexington area of Kentucky.

Horse Farms Near Me

Horse Farms Near Me

Discover Your Dream Horse Farms in Louisville and Lexington KY

Lexington, Kentucky is home to some of the best known horse farms in Kentucky. Often referred to as “The Horse Capital of the World’, Lexington is a bustling city that is known for not only bringing amazing shopping experiences and fascinating historical sites, but also world-class horse farms.

As more and more people have taken an interest in horses, they may ask the question, “are there horse farms near me? Read More

Owning a Horse Farm in Louisville, KY

Folks in Louisville will often tell you that horses have always been a part of their lives. Living on ranches and farms is common for many families in Louisville  Kentucky. Lexington is considered the ‘Horse Capital of the Kentucky’. These Kentucky rural areas across  vast landscapes are ideal for raising the stunning animals that are symbolic of the bluegrass state of Kentucky.  For others, having a horse might be a childhood dream. The fact of the matter is that owning a horse farm is a reality for many Louisville people. Read More here

Horse Farm

Kentucky horse farm

Horse Farm Lexington

In Lexington, Kentucky, owning horses is a way of life. In fact, we are known as ‘The Horse Capital of the World’. With the Kentucky Derby that takes place in Louisville every year, our cities are internationally known for the most famous horses in history. While some people only dream of having their very first horse, equine enthusiasts are making their visions of owning  horse farms in Lexington, Kentucky a reality. As home to over 450 horse farms and with a sprawling landscape, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in a rewarding venture while enjoying your passion, horses! Read More

Lexington Horse Farms

World Famous Lexington Horse Farms

Lexington horse farms are among the most famous in the world. Lexington, KY is known as ‘The Horse Capital of the World’ and rightfully so. There are over 450 horse farms in the region. The area is home to some of the most sought after breeds in the world including world-renowned champion horses from the Kentucky Derby which is held every year in nearby Louisville, Kentucky.  Read about Lexington Horse Farms

Lexington Horse Farms

Miniature Horse Farms

Miniature Horse Farms

Curious About Miniature Horse Farms in Louisville, KY?

Enjoying horses is a pastime for many Kentuckians in the Bluegrass and beyond the state. Equine entusiasts are not only symbolic of strength and beauty but they are most often considered to be an important part of Louisville history.

While over 2 million people own horses on large acres in the USA, others are just discovering the dream with miniature horse farms. The need for smaller horse farms is growing as cities like Louisville or Kentucky draw closer together and less land separates people in certain areas. Read More

Horses on a Farm

Benefits of Horses on a Farm in Louisville Kentucky

Equine-culture in Lousiville is more than just horseback riding. Caring for horses is an all-encompassing lifestyle in the USA as that has evolved since domesticated breeds were introduced to Kentucky by the Spanish during the great conquests of North America. Nurturing horses on a farm is a way of life for many people across the vast landscapes that make up the U.S. and in many cases a necessity. In Louisville, Kentucky Horses play a major role in agriculture where farmers use the strength of the horses to help with daily tasks such as herding cattle. In a movement toward sustainability, some Louisville folks even use their horses to move equipment – opting to replace heavily used tractors in favor of the powerful horses. Read More

Horses on a Farm