Dream Horse Farm

Owning A Dream Horse Farm

Raising horses on a horse farm has been a practice in the region for hundreds of years. For many people, horses have always been a part of their families. As cities close in and grow more dense, however, the art of raising horses has become somewhat challenging. In Lexington, Kentucky and nearby Louisville, though, horse owners have continued to maintain sprawling lands filled with the beloved animals. For many it is a reality to own a dream horse farm.

Owning horses, even one or two, means that eventually buyers may consider purchasing a horse farm. Some families wish to expand their team, start businesses or simply have more land available to thrive on. Even for individuals who may never have imagined owning a horse property, there are so many options on the market. Horse properties are more accessible. Properties are listed at various price points and fill a wide range of characteristics to include numerous bedroom and bathroom options, additional facilities and a vast spectrum of acreage.

Horse Farm Points to Consider

The upkeep of a horse farm, regardless of the size involves several key considerations in order to be successful. When shopping around for the ideal farm for a family and horses, it is important to take into account the comfort of individuals, families and horses. Additionally, some horse farms have additional quarters for staff and stable hands that also work to keep the system running smoothly. Determining the right amount of acreage that is necessary for a dream horse farm is only one part of a complex equation to securing the perfect compound.

Horses have a wide range of health requirements that are far more extensive than other domesticated animals. Beyond their obvious size, the animals need ample space to live, roam and ultimately thrive. Horses need exercise, health pastures from which to graze, food and adequate medical care. Tending to the needs of a horse is an ongoing process that requires specialized care. Additionally, maintaining stables is a major aspect of raising horses that is rooted in labor. Stalls must be cleaned regularly which is a major undertaking on its own. Facilities must be built to meet the unique needs of horses as well as the humans dwelling among them.

Selecting a Great Horse Farm

An equestrian real estate agent can help buyers identify an ideal farm based on the inventory that is open on the market. The market is fast-changing and it is best to conduct plenty of research before deciding on a property. Visiting a working horse farm can be a great way to get some insight into all that goes into managing horses on a farm as well as the various types of establishments that are available to serve equine communities.

Finally, finding a community that is equine-friendly will provide a better experience for areas where farms are in closer proximity to one another or where portions or suburban areas back up into more urban settings.

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