Horse Farm Lexington KY Land

Horse Farm Lexington KY

Many people dream of owning their own horse farm on Lexington, Kentucky land The city is home to well over 400 different horse farms. Although owning a horse farm may seem out of reach, there are actually some affordable properties available for horse enthusiasts. A horse farm Lexington KY real estate agent works with buyers and sellers to broker transactions. As a result, people can now discover their dreams of home ownership. Furthermore, horse owners no longer have to rely on boarding their beloved animals. Horse properties provide a wonderful opportunity to enjoy equestrian-friendly lifestyles in many different forms.

Horse Farm Lexington KY Real Estate

There are a few different ways to approach the search for a horse farm on Lexington KY land. The best way to have a seamless buying process is to work with an equestrian real estate agent. A realtor that specializes in horse properties understands the uniqueness of the market. The market experts are capable of working with clients to pinpoint key property features. Buyers will achieve the best results when working with an expert.

When it comes to horse real estate properties, buyers may choose to purchase a lot and then build their own home and horse accommodations. Additionally, there are properties sold on the market that are considered “as is”. Moreover, a horse farm in Lexington KY may be located on as many as 40 plus acres or on smaller lots consisting of no more than 4 or 5 acres. The amount of acres that a buyer chooses depends on a couple of factors.

How Many Acres are Necessary for a Horse Farm?

Buyers may be interested in a small farm or a very large estate. In cities such as Lexington, KY, it is possible to find both. The number of horses that an individual or family owns will help in determining how many acres are necessary to accommodate the equines. Horses need a sufficient amount of space to roam, they also require rich soil for nutrition while grazing.

In Lexington, it is possible for buyers to invest in stately properties with over 50 acres. The acreage is large enough to fit an over-sized residence, stables, barns, riding trails and beautiful pastures. The space, however, allows individuals owners to enjoy seclusion and privacy. Building a horse farm in Lexington KY is an ideal way to get started in owning land

Smaller horse properties may consist of 4 acres or less. Even though some land is not as vast, a small number of horses can be raised comfortably on the farms. In fact, buyers will be surprised to find cost-friendly options that include land, a residential structure as well as some additional buildings including stalls.

Prospective horse buyers may invest in turnkey properties or decide to put some money into refurbishing “as is” homes. The beauty of purchasing in Lexington, KY is that there are many unique options to choose from depending on the buyer’s preference.

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