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In Lexington, Kentucky, owning horses is a way of life. In fact, we are known as ‘The Horse Capital of the World’. With the Kentucky Derby that takes place in Louisville every year, our cities are internationally known for the most famous horses in history. While some people only dream of having their very first horse, equine enthusiasts are making their visions of owning  horse farms in Lexington, Kentucky a reality. As home to over 450 horse farms and with a sprawling landscape, there are plenty of opportunities to invest in a rewarding venture while enjoying your passion, horses!

If you are already a horse owner, then you know that you need plenty of land to care for your team. Moreover, having a farm is a wonderful way to create the lifestyle that you have always dreamed while sustaining your own residence and several profitable ventures. Shopping around for land for your future farm is easier if you keep a few important tips in mind. With the proper research, finding just the right plot is possible. 

As more people take a growing interest in expanding away from busy metropolitan areas in search for open land, horse properties are an attractive option for many families. For other families, horses have been a major part of their lives and thus the desire to have more space to accommodate the animals is a necessity. In fact, the need for horse stables is only growing as people traverse the country for life and work, taking their horses with them.

Finding the Perfect Horse Farm in Lexington, Kentucky

Locating the perfect horse farm will require some serious thought into the exact specifications that you desire for your property. As with every move, location is everything and the same holds true for horse properties. Building or purchasing  horse farms in Lexington, Kentucky is a great opportunity to connect with a close community of property owners that have been living and working in the region for decades. Furthermore, there will be rewarding opportunities to give back to the causes that matter most to you in the realm of equine care. 

A visit to Lexington, Kentucky will give you the opportunity to get familiar with the area as well as immerse yourself into the history of the city. Horses happen to be a very big part of the culture, so there is ample opportunity to visit horse farms to get a feel for how people in the community are running their own establishments.  Additionally, not all land that can be used for horses is located in an area that is considered equestrian or horse-friendly. Again, location is very important, so conduct research on prospective areas in which you hope to purchase land. 

Consider how large or small you desire your property to be. Horses need space, however in some cases more land may be required, in others, less. Land mass is a matter of preference, but you should think about how the land will accommodate your team’s activities. Horses need adequate space to graze and this should be factored into your calculations on plot size as well as the type of terrain on the potential property. 

In addition to factors such as land size and community, when searching for horse farms in Lexington, Kentucky, keep relevant points in mind such as zoning laws, surrounding landscape and properties, and accessibility to necessities such as hospitals, schools and shopping for supplies. 

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