lexington horse farms

Lexington Horse Farms

World Famous Lexington Horse Farms

Lexington horse farms are among the most famous in the world. Lexington, KY is known as ‘The Horse Capital of the World’ and rightfully so. There are over 450 horse farms in the region. The area is home to some of the most sought after breeds in the world including world-renowned champion horses from the Kentucky Derby which is held every year in nearby Louisville, Kentucky. 

More people are becoming interested in living on farms due to the appeal of open spaces and leaving the bustle of heavily populated cities behind. On the other hand, passionate horse farm owners sometimes need to expand the space available to their teams to provide ample care. Lexington Horse Farms are not just about enjoying horseback riding for recreation, but rather it is a complete lifestyle. In fact, many equestrian farms in the local region provide guided tours to visitors from all over the country and the world who are interested in learning about horses.

Lexington horse farms are run by families that have a deep connection to the region and its historical roots. Local farms that raise horses provide a range of activities such as training or keeping stables. In many cases horse farms are considered working farms, where the horses help to perform important daily tasks related to agriculture. Some farms specialize in breeding Horse enthusiasts also maintain properties for their own herds and utilize land to not only house stables but their personal residences. 

Lexington Horse Farm Points to Consider

When considering the best places to own a farm dedicated to the equine lifestyle, then Lexington, Kentucky,where horse farms abound, is an ideal location. It is possible to find farmland that is suitable for you, your family and your horse family as well. Additionally, depending on the size of the land, if you have enough acres, you can certainly house more facilities. Keep in mind however, that the number of horses you plan to stable will also have a major impact on the amount of land that you will need in your search. 

Horse farms are often located in rural areas, but not always. Think about the proximity of your future plot of land in reference to amenities and daily activities. Furthermore, selecting areas that are horse-friendly and those that enable you to navigate terrain for horseback riding is important. 

Because horses play an important role in agriculture for farms, consider the space requirements for activities such as exercise and grazing. As a homeowner, you may also be interested in finding an area that is close to facilities such as schools, medical facilities and shopping for essentials. 

Owning a horse farm can be an exciting opportunity to expand on your passion for horses or discover a new adventure in homesteading. Lexington, KY offers a wide variety of horse properties for sale for prospective buyers. The historic hub exudes the equestrian lifestyle that has undoubtedly awed people from all over the world. The city provides a deeply-rooted community that is rich in traditional American culture with palpable southern flair. 

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