Miniature Horse Farms

Miniature Horse Farms

Curious About Miniature Horse Farms?

Enjoying horses is a pastime for many Americans in the Bluegrass and beyond. Equines are not only symbolic of strength and beauty but they are most often considered to be an important part of U.S. history. While over 2 million people own horses on large acres in the United States, others are just discovering the dream with miniature horse farms. The desire for smaller horse farms is growing as cities draw closer together and less land separates people in certain areas. 

The reasons why people own horses are varied as well as their inclinations towards the perfect property. Some horse farms are owned by families or individuals who are simply horse enthusiasts. It is not uncommon for someone to own several horses. Of course with the more horses that a person owns, the more land that they require to house the animals. Typically a single horse needs about 2 acres of land to live comfortably. Miniature horse farms are ideal for people who have only a small team of horses.

Horses need space to move about and graze. In addition to activities such as grazing and getting exercise, they require extensive care such as feeding, cleaning, and mucking of their stables. The work involved with caring for horses is strenuous, but on miniature horse farms, the workload can be less intense due to the fact that there is much less ground to cover. 

The Perfect Miniature Horse Farms

Finding the perfect miniature horse farms in the surrounding area can be done with the help of a real estate agent that specializes in equine properties. Since horse properties are also used as residential homes, there is a wide range of possibilities that are available in terms of finding a home that meets all of your needs and your horse’s too!

Lexington, Kentucky is an ideal place to search for your next miniature horse farm. The region is known as ‘The Horse Capital of the World’. The area is famous for having farms with the world’s most well-known Thoroughbred breed. People in Lexington have also discovered ways to turn their love for horses into successful businesses. Tourists travel to the area to go on excursions visiting horse farms. In many cases, horses are still used today on working farms to help with moving heavy loads and herding animals. Horseback riding is still a popular pastime, however, there is far much more to the equine lifestyle. 

Miniature horse farms have plenty to offer for people who enjoy being in the country but also those who enjoy the close proximity of metropolitan areas. Lexington, KY is more than a horse-friendly community. In the sprawling city, horses are a lifestyle. Investing in a horse property located in the area means that you will be a part of a thriving community of horse enthusiasts where you can enjoy spending time raising your horses or building a small enterprise. 

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