Lexington Horse Farms for Sale Listings

Lexington Horse Farms for Sale Listed


K2 Group provides listings of Lexington horse farms for sale. Buying an equestrian property is a dream for many horse owners. Purchasing land is a unique opportunity for horse owners. Horses require a large amount of space and quality pastures for grazing. Lexington, Kentucky, offers both characteristics for potential homebuyers.


The Horse Capital of the World is Lexington, KY. Every year people travel from all over the world to discover what Lexington has to offer. Furthermore, in Louisville’s nearby city, fans of the Kentucky Derby gather annually to enjoy watching Thoroughbred horses. In fact, in the two towns, some facilities specialize in breeding horses. There is no better place to experience the equestrian lifestyle than Kentucky.


Known as the Bluegrass State, Kentucky offers a vast amount of land for sale. Moreover, Lexington horse farms are available in all different sizes. Additionally, there is a rule of thumb about purchasing the right amount of acres for horses. A single horse needs approximately 2 acres to grow. There are horse properties in Lexington that are as small as 10 acres and as large as 100 acres.  Horses need plenty of space to gain exercise and grazing.


In addition to landmass, the quality of the soil and pastures are also crucial to horse caretakers. Horses need to graze on pastures for nutrition. Ideally, The Bluegrass state of Kentucky happens to have fields that are perfect for growing horses. Maintaining ranges is just one part of keeping horses healthy and safe while on Lexington horse farms.


Horse Farms in Lexington


Lexington horse farms for sale provide a range of options for future homeowners. Farms may be small or large, modest or luxurious. The type of horse farm that clients demand is based on their personal preferences. Horse owners build farms for a number of reasons. Horse properties are used for breeding, agriculture, and cattle ranching.

Equestrian properties use equines for sturdy labor or raise the animals for the passion of the experience. Additionally, we-known farms breed Thoroughbred horses. Thoroughbred facilities may be well over 1,000 acres in size. Luxury horse farms in Lexington, KY, include exquisite dwellings for humans and their horses. Homeowners customize horse properties with unique structures

Living on an Equestrian Estate


Lexington horse farms are in ample supply for individuals looking to experience the wonder of living on an equestrian estate. There are over 400 horse farms already in the area, but there is still land available. Equestrian properties can be constructed from nothing or renovated. Moreover, turnkey horse farms are also available for potential buyers interested in equestrian business opportunities.


Explore the selection of property listings available through K2 Group. Realtors at K2 Group are experienced in residential real estate, luxury properties, and luxury equestrian estates. Learn more about what the cities of Lexington and Louisville, KY have to offer for prospective buyers.