Lexington Horse Farms Search

Lexington Horse Farms Search

Numerous families dream of one day owning a farm with horses. Within the state of Kentucky, there happens to be an abundance of Lexington horse farms in the popular city. In fact, in Lexington, the city is home to over 400 horse farms. People also enjoy attending the Kentucky Derby held in Louisville. Start your Lexington horse farms search with K2.

For some people, owning Lexington horse farms seems like an impossible task. Actually, the reality is farther from the truth. There are indeed budget-friendly horse properties on the market. Prospective buyers should should work with an equestrian real estate agent to discover a vast inventory of homes available. The truth is that horse owners can discover their dream of owning a beautiful horse property while eventually saving on the cost of boarding.

Horse enthusiasts can become more entrenched in the equestrian lifestyle with estate ownership. In Lexington, horse properties are sometimes located near parks solely dedicated to riding.

Lexington Horse Farms-Options

Prospective land buyers have many options available to them. Lexington horse properties cover a wide range to include vast acres and robust homes. Additionally, buyers are likely to find smaller homes with smaller acres, but enough to house a couple of horses. The possibilities are also endless when it comes to custom builds and a Lexington horse farms search.

Buyers in search of homes with accommodations for horses will locate a number of options to include lots only. Lots vary in size from a few acres to 50 or more acres. When purchasing a log, a buyer can opt to have a house and additional structures built to meet their requirements.

Since the purpose of a horse property is dual in most cases, considering the residential dwelling is also important. Equestrian estates may include large homes with up to 7 bedrooms or smaller dwellings with only 3 or 4 bedrooms. The required square footage for a buyer is largely a matter of preference. Furthermore, even horse farms are suited for different budgets and lifestyles.

Horse Farms and Real Estate

Equestrian estates may be purchased “as is”, or built from the ground up. Additionally, turnkey properties exist that include all of the necessary structures. Since the facilities are move-in ready, relocating is easier. Furthermore, some horse estates can be used to run service businesses if local ordinances permit the activity.

Examples of thriving horse businesses that live on equestrian estates include training facilities, boarding homes, stables, medical facilities, therapy centers, working farms, bed and breakfast operations and vacation retreats.

The best way to navigate through all of the choices in the housing market is to work with an agent. Agents who specialize in horse properties can advise on key details to assist buyers with making informed decisions.

Whether a buyer is in search of a small horse farm or equestrian estate that spans several acres, a realtor will be a knowledgeable resource with experience to offer. Both experienced an inexperienced buyers have much to gain from a real estate expert that understands residential properties as well as horse properties.

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