Miniature Horse Farms Estate

Miniature Horse Farms Estate

Horse enthusiasts are dreaming up ways to create their miniature horse farms. In fact, individuals interested in buying horse properties can plan out their vision for the perfect horse farm. Working with an equestrian real estate agent, however, can lessen the time that it takes to locate an ideal property. Regardless of whether a buyer is looking for only  land to build or a turnkey solution, a real estate agent will make the process easier. Finding a miniature horse farms estate has never been easier

What Makes Miniature Horse Farms….Miniature?

Miniature horse farms are simply down-scaled versions of larger horse farms. Generally speaking, a smaller farm may range between 2.5 – 4 or 5 acres. Ultimately the size of acreage is relative to the person who is doing the investing. For one individual 5 acres may seem like a large number, for another 20 acres may seem small. A good rule of thumb, however is to estimate the number of acres needed for a horse farm on the number of horses a person owns. A single horse may need as much as 2.5 acres to live comfortably.

Horse owners are more interested in a miniature horse farms estate because they are more accessible than sprawling estates and luxurious mansions for many people. On an area of 2.5 – 5 acres, a homeowner can build a custom dwelling that is as much as 5000 square feet and still have room for stables and other structures needed on a farm.

Why Choose a Smaller Farm?

Horse farms, like any other farm require labor intensive work. Maintaining horses is a strenuous activity that often requires a team of people. Smaller farms provide the opportunity to experience raising horses while having less land to tend to. Mini farms may be ideal for families just starting out with raising horses or individuals that have just one or two equines to raise. Furthermore, small farms can provide an opportunity to expand later on down the line.

In Lexington, KY, home buyers will find a plethora of home designs. There are styles that suit every personality and lifestyle. Many individuals dream of someday owning a horse farm. Some people have gathered inspiration from Pinterest to collect ideas on how to lay out the perfect horse property. An equestrian real estate agent will have the contacts to bring great ideas to life.

Country living is an aspiration for people all over. Areas such as Lexington, Kentucky offer a variety of living experiences to range from suburban to small town, and trendy with plenty of historic sights to boot. Lexington, like other cities in Kentucky, is the epitome of Southern charm. The city is sought after by people for different reasons and its close proximity to some of the nation’s finest academic institutions draws transplants from all over the country.

Horses, however are a focal point in Lexington where visitors embark on day trips to view the world’s most famous Thoroughbred horses. Touring through the various horse farms which are open to the public for visits provides a closer look at what is possible when horse enthusiasts share their love of horses with the world.

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