Raising Horses on a Farm

Raising Horses on a Farm in Kentucky


There is more to equestrian culture than simply horseback riding. Keeping horses is a full lifestyle that has only evolved since the initial breeds were brought to North America. Raising horses on a farm, for many is a lifelong journey. In fact, taking care of horses has been a vital part of farming since the period of settlement. Caring for horses on a farm is largely part of the fabric of many nations, including the United States. Lexington, Kentucky in fact, is considered the “Horse Capital of the World”. Because horses go hand in hand with Lexington lifestyles, there are over 450 horse farms already in the region. 


Horsekeeping on a Farm


Raising horses on a farm has led to the development of many different businesses. Horses are used in agriculture for farming. Additionally, some horse farms specialize in breeding the animals. Furthermore, training facilities exist to prepare horses for competition.  Another business is holding stables where horse owners leave their animals if they do not already have the space or when they are traveling. 


Maintaining Horses on a Farm


Keeping horses on a farm involves heavy labor. In fact, there really are no holidays from horse upkeep. Regardless of the fact that raising horses is challenging, many people do not let that deter them from owning horses or building an estate. Truthfully, raising horses is a rewarding experience. For many individuals, growing up around horses since youth has been a way of life. Newer horse owners still may have more to learn about upkeep and buying land. Furthermore equestrian Realtors are also knowledgeable about residential property.

Owning a Horse Farm


Owning a horse estate, for some is a dream come true. Many people have discovered an escape from the hassles of urban life in rural areas. In fact, most horse farms are located in rural settings where the land is ideal for the animals. In suburban areas, horse owners sometimes rely on stables to house their horses when adequate space at home is not available. The fact is that some communities are just not as horse friendly as others. Finding a community that is horse-friendly will make a difference when it comes to dealing with neighbors. 

An equestrian real estate agent can work with buyers that are seasoned horse owners or newer ones to locate great properties. Furthermore, choosing to invest in property is a long-term investment that can provide substantial payoffs in the long-term. Buyers should be prepared with research and a wishlist of features that they are looking for in a property whether large or small. One of the most important considerations to keep in mind is the size of the land. 

Investing in Horse Property

Investing in a large estate is not necessarily a must. Smaller horse properties are usually available. In fact, most people have estates that are no more than 10 acres in size. Moreover, some people tend to horses on a farm that is no larger than 4 or 5 acres. Smaller acreage still provides the opportunity to customize a beautiful estate with many features. 


Horsekeeping is a journey that demands patience, compassion and dedication. Many people will discover that the experience of keeping horses on a private property is most rewarding. Even if there is no desire to have a 20 acre property, smaller options are typically available. Discover the possibilities of owning land with the help of an experienced equestrian real estate expert. 


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